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Holiday message 2017 – New perspectives

Coming close to the end of the year, it can be useful to pause and reflect on how important it is to address every situation in life from the right perspective. Sometimes the smallest change of angle can give a totally different view on a challenge.

This year, A&D had to swap perspectives many times. We are partners, parents, businesspeople, investors, entrepreneurs, employers, employees, administrators, cost cutters and, last but not least, we are a young growth company ourselves, much like the young growth companies we invest in.

Over the year, we have strived to take our operation to the next level. Fantastic progress was made in our investee companies. Revenues were accelerated, profits were turned, great new partnerships established. We are so thrilled about our whole family and the progress that was made by our stars.

In 2017 we also tried the perspective of being a buy-out firm! Together with the management of the services marketplace Offerta, we started the year by purchasing 100% of the shares of Offerta from Kinnevik. We then went on to buy 80% of the EdTech SaaS business Ping Pong. We also had our fair share of losing. And we took stock to learn from our mistakes.

After the summer, the A&D team was strengthened by Miriam, who joined us as a new partner and co-owner from Schibsted. She has given us a lot of new perspectives and at the same time it feels like she’s been part of the team forever.

So what did we learn this year? We have learnt to stay close to our roots. We are deeply rooted in finding joy in what we do and in finding meaning in our activity. And we are deeply concerned with running an operation that is sound from a financial point of view. Around fun, meaning and profit, we want to build a force that will outlast all of us. 30-40 years from now, we want to look back at what we established with a great sense of purpose and gratitude. So, this holiday season we vow to use the right perspective:

  •  Instead of asking “What can I get out of this” try asking “How can I help”

  •  Instead of asking “What do I expect” try asking “What am I thankful for”

  •  Instead of asking “Whats wrong with you” try asking ”What can I do differently”

Before we turn to 2018, we want to take a moment to thank you. Thank you, great leaders of our investee companies. We know it can be tough and lonely. Thank you, all of our champions, our employees in the investee companies. Without you, we would be nothing. Thank you, our co-investors, for your trust and for our fantastic relationships. Thank you, all our partners who believed in us early.

Let us finish by a quote from U2’s latest album:

“So many stars So many ways of seeing Hey, this is no time not to be alive Love and love is all we have left”

To all the stars in our family – We wish you a relaxing, joyful and creative holiday period.

We can’t wait to start 2018 with you!

With love from

Your A&D team


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