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Update on gender diversity in the A&D family

Today (March 8) we celebrate International Women's Day. And even though we think diversity in all aspects should be celebrated every day, today we take the opportunity to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women globally.

Since we last updated you on diversity in the Alfvén & Didrikson family we have continued to work towards the goal of reaching an equal representation of gender across all levels in our investee companies. For example, Anna Bergius was appointed CEO of Offerta Group, Hannah Meiton was elected as a new board member in Ftrack, Cecilia Qvist joined Trustly's Board of Directors and most recently, Johanna Öberg was elected as new chair of Joint Academy, to mention some of the progress made.

We also believe in transparency and that what gets measured gets done, so as we continue to work towards the goal of a balanced and diversified composition in all below categories, we want to share the current numbers with you.

Currently, in the Alfvén & Didrikson family, the average number of board seats held by women is 31% (39% in 2020), among senior management the average number of women is 29% (31% in 2020) and in total amongst full time employees the total percentage of women is 40% (not included in last years comparison).

As you can see we have taken one step forward in appointing women in key leadership roles and made great progress in certain companies, but unfortunately and sadly we have taken two steps back on the whole.

We are convinced that diverse companies do better and we will continue to encourage our investee companies to aim for diversity in all aspects. Including, but not limited to, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religion. In the Board of Directors, in senior management and among individual contributors.

/ Your A&D team


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