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What ESG means to us

We care about the world we live in and the world we leave behind. Doing what is right has been instilled in our DNA from our establishment. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) actions extends beyond our professional settings and are reflected in our values and daily lives.


We aim to reduce our carbon footprint in daily actions and when emissions cannot be avoided, we offset them.


Fostering an inclusive environment in the workplace and supporting the ones doing

good for the society.


Being considerate of our society and environment is a part of how we do business and our sustainable investing practices reflects that.

Conscious travelling

We use electric cars for most of work and leisure travel, discourage unnecessary flights and choose carpooling whenever possible. Read more in our Travel Policy.

Equal opportunities

The A&D team consists of 50% female employees. Our aim is to ensure and carefully follow gender diversity within the team of A&D and our investee companies.

Team-wide ESG agenda

A&D has established a clear ESG Policy that is followed at all times. Read our ESG Policy here.

Offsetting carbon footprint

In 2019-2020 we offset our carbon footprint using Trine.  2021 footprint was offset via GoClimate. 

Giving back

Every year we donate 1% of our budget to charities, collaborate with organisations with strong social impact and provide mentoring to younger generations.

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Responsible investing

We provide portfolio companies with ESG Guidelines as well as track their ESG efforts and progress annually.

We partner with       SHIFT      for more inclusive entreprenurship

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