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We care

We care about the world we live in and the world we leave behind.  Read more about what we do to ensure that we take active social and environmental responsibility in our ESG overview.

Our Ambition

Our dream is to make fantastic investments in brilliant people and their businesses, and that we will be fortunate enough to carry on doing what we do together for a long time.

We want to build something that lasts
Whether it be saving newborns from asphyxia or improving offerings to merchants, we want to be able to look ourselves in the mirror and say we do good.


We try to build respectful relationships
We build our business on mutually respectful relationships with our fellow investment partners, our investee companies and their management teams.

We want to have fun and enjoy the work we carry out
We want to laugh our brains out and go ice skating at Hellasgården every now and then. We do not let this prevent us from striving to be world class professionals and performers.


We are humble and grateful for having been handed the opportunity to do what we do. We love what we do and we hope it shows.

Fun. Purpose. Profit.

These are our guiding stars. If we have fun, if we do purposeful things and if our activity is profitable, then we hope you will want to work with us. Simple as that.

Who we are

We are helpful
We are engaged. We don’t just comment on stuff or ask for reports. We want to be there for our investee companies when they need us and provide energy and guidance.

We are pragmatic and open-minded
Yes, we know focus is important. But variety is the spice of life, so we do not let preconceived opinions or rules stop us from capturing opportunities.

We believe in long term incentives
We have great incentives to succeed together with our partners. We don’t go to work to pick up a salary or short term bonuses.

We are entrepreneurs and risk takers.
And from that we take our rewards. We are not in a great hurry.

Your privacy

Your data, your choice. Take part of our privacy policy.

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