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Acast ❤️ Pippa

Today, Acast announces the acquisition of the long-tail podcasting platform

This marks a true milestone for Acast as this is the first acquisition for Acast and will significantly expand its offering for a wider range of podcasters. With this acquisition, Acast cements its position as the premier podcast company globally, offering a marketplace for advertisers, cutting edge technology for creators of any size, and discovery tools for listeners. Until now, Acast's tools have been available only to podcasts with an established number of listeners.

Now, Pippa's technology will bring Acast a consumer-facing offering that will enable any podcaster to sign up to host their show with just one click, whilst also having the ability to make money from their podcast through Acast's sophisticated monetization tools.

Together, Pippa and Acast represents a comprehensive solution for all podcasters, whatever their size. When Acast was founded in 2014, we pioneered dynamic ad insertion for podcasting, bringing scalable monetization to the forefront for podcasters. Pippa’s simple, sleek, easy to use platform complements Acast’s depth of revenue solutions and pushes podcast creation and distribution to the next level.

We are super excited about this and wish the team well in working together for a long time to come.

The A&D team

Read the full pressrealse from Acast here.


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