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Acast starts trading on the Nasdaq

Today, Acast commences trading on Nasdaq First North Premier in Stockholm. For us at Alfvén & Didrikson, this is the beginning of another exciting stage of our journey with Acast. We are not selling one single share in the company. It has now been some 6 years since we first invested in Acast. We were introduced to the team by Kerstin Cooley and Bengt Häger at Moor. Måns Ulvestam, one of the Acast founders, was able to explain the idea in a few minutes and we were hooked. Together with his six fellow founders and co-founders (Karl, Johan, Markus, Mats, Mikael and Öjje) and a small start-up team, Acast began its journey towards completely redefining the podcasting business. Back in 2015, we did our due diligence mainly through speaking with great creators, such as the Financial Times and Kristoffer Triumf at Värvet, who were all super excited about Acast and its offering. We understood early that Johan Billgren and his team had set up the technology to scale globally. Along the way, we have had great learnings from working together with the founders, our co-investors Anders and Leemon at Moor, Jonas at Bonnier Ventures and Martin at Inbox Capital, and not least with the company's board: Thank you Andrea Gisle Joosen and Björn Jeffery for your fantastic contribution on the board thus far. And another big thank you to the Acast management team, a.k.a. as our Flight Deck, with Ross, Dan, Emily, Johan, Leo and Oskar and for being so committed to our important work together. And last but not least, thanks a million to all the talented and hard working Acasters across the globe. Your effort means the world to us. We could not dream of better partners. Today, Acast is the best curated, fully integrated, fastest growing podcast marketplace in the world. With flourishing offices from New York to Paris, from Stockholm to Sydney, Acast has a passionate team of audio lovers and is just as intentional about investing in great people as it is in great products. Acast exists for the stories: By propelling fantastic stories by world leading creators and making them meet with bold and innovative advertisers. CEO Ross Adams and his team has taken the commercial podcasting business to a whole new level globally. Fuelled by passion. Curious and brave. Open and caring. On this first day of trading for the Acast share, we are super excited about the company's future. Being listed, we hope Acast will increase awareness around its important mission for the creators around the globe. We have been blessed by great institutional co-owners such as Robur and AP1 in the past. With the IPO this list has been extended with other high quality co-owners, such as Alecta and Kuvari. We hope the company will continue to earn its trust from the international equity markets in order to propel its growth even further. We are super excited about the future of Acast! With love for the stories, Your Alfvén & Didrikson Team

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Photo: Acast team


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