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Alfvén & Didrikson climate compensate through Trine!

Fun, Purpose, Profit. From our very start almost 10 years ago, we at Alfvén & Didrikson have strived to achieve these three things simultaneously. Fun and profit alone are not enough, what we do also has to be filled with purpose.

To us, purpose means ensuring that our activities aim to make the world a better place. Our biggest impact comes from the companies we have decided to invest in. In total, our family of investee companies now have more than 1,000 employees and help make the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals and small business owners better, every day. But we also have a responsibility to ensure that we as a team do what we can to contribute. We work continuously to improve our environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy. In it, we describe how we aim to minimize the negative environmental impact of our travelling by choosing bikes, e-scooters and train whenever possible. But sometimes we find it unavoidable to fly. As a way of making good for our flights we have now decided to climate compensate through the start-up Trine Equity. We do this by investing in solar energy through Trine’s investment platform. Trine’s vision is to bring clean energy to emerging markets by giving out loans to solar energy companies in, for example, Africa. To fund the loans, Trine offers companies and individuals to invest money in a specific loan, with the possibility to receive the full investment and interest back, and at the same time contribute to a reduction in CO2-emissions.

We have been impressed by the Trine team and their vision, and we are proud to support their growth journey by investing in solar power through their platform.


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