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Hello Boston!

Quinyx, a leading provider of workforce management solutions, and a member of the A&D family since 2014, today announced the company’s launch in the U.S. market with the opening of its U.S. headquarters located in Boston.

Founded in Sweden, Quinyx has experienced tremendous growth and momentum from companies seeking a truly mobile-first workforce management solution that provides seamless scheduling, staffing, time reporting, communication, and task management all in one place. Since 2005, Quinyx’s solutions have empowered businesses small and large to manage employee scheduling, communication, task-management and payroll integration on one interface, improving the employee experience and driving productivity.

Currently, Quinyx has over 500,000 users from 700 customers around the world. The new U.S. presence expands the operational footprint beyond existing locations in the UK, Finland, Germany, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. 

Read the full pressrelease here.

Quinyx founder & CEO, Erik Fjellborg



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