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New investment in Gardio

We have invested in Swedish home alarm business Gardio AB and its entrepreneurs Sven Hålling and Johan Fischer. Måns Alfvén will assume chairmanship. Gardio is among the world’s first social home alarms. The company provides a smart home security solution based on customer friendly technology and a straightforward business model. Order here.

About Gardio Gardio is the home alarm of the future. Safe – Gardio gives you access to a manned guarding company when required. Close – Gardio gives  you with visibility when the unexpected happens. Smart – Gardio uses smart cameras and the latest consumer technology. Customers are offered competitively priced and easy to use solutions.

About Alfvén & Didrikson Alfvén & Didrikson Invest AB (ADI) was founded in 2010 and is owned by Måns Alfvén and Hjalmar Didrikson. ADI invests in small and mid-sized privately owned European companies with exciting growth potential. The investment in Gardio is made through a subsidiary, BEMH Financial AB, jointly owned with Nexttobe AB (nxt2b) in Uppsala. Nxt2b was founded in 2011 by the entrepreneur Bengt Ågerup.


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