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PE Accounting launches automated sustainability reporting

Today PE Accounting announced a new subsidiary called Wellfish AB that will offer automated sustainability reporting based on accounting data.

From 2024, new EU legislation requires all companies with a turnover above SEK 350m to do annual sustainability reporting, but it has somewhat unclear what measures a company should report. Wellfish will offer sustainability reporting based on the newly released Nordic Sustainability Reporting Standard, ensuring full compliance. All existing PE customers will be offered the service as an integrated tool, and external companies will be able to access the service in a separate system.

Wellfish will be run by Olle Rydqvist, co-founder of PE, together with Mattias Weerasooriya (COO) och Daniel Jansson (Lead Developer).

We are really happy to welcome Mattias, Daniel and Wellfish to the A&D family! Learn more at or read the full press release here.

/The team at Alfvén & Didrikson

From the left: Daniel Larsson, Mattias Weerasooriya and Olle Rydqvist. Photo: David Thunander


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