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Trustly demo from Finovate London

Trustly recently demoed its Direktbetalning product at the Finovate fair in London.

Trustly Direktbetalning is a direct person-to-person bank payment solution embedded in the marketplace and does not require its users to learn any new behaviour or sign up to any new feature. It features:

  1. Direct and seamless payments embedded in the marketplace

  2. Integrated instant identification – no false identities can be used

  3. Fraud guarantee offered to both buyer and seller for complete peace of mind

Trustly Direktbetalning leverages Trustly’s proprietary direct bank e-Payment system. Its first marketplace partner is, Sweden’s largest marketplace with an aggregate value of ads posted in excess of €30B per year. It can, in principle, be embedded into any online marketplace in the world, or offered as a stand-alone service.


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