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We continue to invest in Acast

Alfvén & Didrikson has acquired an additional 1 million shares in Acast

Alfvén & Didrikson has been a shareholder of podcasting pioneers Acast since 2015. Since then, we have invested in the company on multiple occasions and did not sell any shares when Acast was listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market.

Over the last few weeks, we have taken the opportunity to invest further in Acast through the acquisition of an additional 1 million shares. All transactions have been in the market. We currently own approx. 23.1 million shares in Acast, corresponding to approx. 12.9% of all shares in the company. We remain the company's largest shareholder. We own our shares in Acast through our wholly owned subsidiary Garden Street Stories AB.

We are strong believers in Acast and are long term holders of the company. We believe that:

-- Acast's market is uniquely positioned to grow as podcasting gradually eats into the traditional radio advertising market -- Podcast advertising is a format that is highly attractive to advertisers -- Acast has pioneered this market and has developed ground breaking technology that enables podcast creators to monetise their important work -- Acast is the leading independent advocate of the open podcasting ecosystem, making its creators' stories available across all platforms -- Acast has the potential of achieving significant network effects as the company continues to scale. We look forward to continuing our journey with the Acast team! /Your A&D Team


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