Investors in growth 

since 2010

We are an active and long-term backer of passionate entrepreneurs and teams with international growth ambitions. Since the start in 2010, our team has focused on making investments in fast-growing Northern European companies. Want to learn more about us?

Companies who have partnered with us

A fast, simple and secure way for consumers to pay directly from their bank account. 

Investment year: 2011


A curated platform for podcasts that connect listeners, creators,
and advertisers in a fully integrated, one-stop shop.


Investment year: 2015


Create interactive presentations
& meetings, wherever you are.

Investment year: 2017


Health tech company on its way to become the global standard treatment for osteoarthritis


Investment year: 2018


 AI-powered smart search for
online retail.

Investment year: 2020


Hardware and software for managing access to,
and services in, your home.

 Investment year: 2014

Glue home

HR software that manages all of your HR data in a single, powerful solution for easy analysis & reporting.

Investment year: 2016


A simpler way to send
money to your loved ones. 

Investment year: 2018

Transfer Galaxy

Platform for powering urban logistics and last-mile deliveries.

Investment year: 2019


 Elevating learning with
intelligent textbooks

Investment year: 2021

Kognity logo

A leading cloud based, mobile-first workforce management solution.

Investment year: 2014


Fully outsourced and digital accounting services to SME's. 

Investment year: 2016

PE Accounting

A cloud-based project management platform for
creative teams.

Investment year: 2018


Technical documentation
software for teams.

Investment year: 2020


electric car subscription

Investment year: 2021


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Fun. Purpose. Profit.

These are our guiding stars. If we have fun, if we do purposeful things and if our activity creates value, then we hope you will want to work with us. Simple as that.

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