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From Alfvén & Didrikson with love

In 2023, it became evident to us the world needs more compassion, more warmth, more love. Wars raged on and wars started. In many ways, the world became more polarized and less compassionate. Uncertainty and fear invaded our brains and made it challenging to be an entrepreneur, let alone a human being.

At A&D we continued our relentless work to create a positive force within business: We worked hard with the teams of the A&D family to create great relationships, even more brilliant products, huge customer value, and strong cash flows and economic sustainability. And we found meaning in everything we did. Our dream and aim continues to be a force for good, attractive to all of you and us to work with, based on fun / positive energy; purpose / meaning and impact; and profit / value creation for all involved.

Despite the tougher macro environment, the companies in our family have continued to grow. Trustly strenghened its position as the world leader in account to account payments, making important acquisitions in the UK and in France and growing tremendously organically, especially in the US. Quinyx, our world leader in workforce management, took strides to ensure its competitiveness by trimming its cost base whilst continuing to grow and create massive value for its customers. Mentimeter grew into a global powerhouse of listening and engaging audiences with some 600m voters and close to 20m active presenters across the world. Acast, whilst growing significantly, launched the first ever self serve advertising tool for podcasting, enabling millions of advertisers globally to reach millions of podcast listeners, in an instant.

We also welcomed Humly to the A&D family, the leading marketplace for the supply teaching industry in Sweden and the UK. Elsewhere in the family, VEQ, Ampli and Curus did several first and follow-on investments. Together, we met some 1,000 fantastic entrepreneurs in 2023, sowing seeds for future growth and development. We also strengthened significantly our work in the environmental, governance and social areas, together with our fantastic investee companies. As we have done every year, we have chosen to support a number of organisations that are dear to us.

To the leaders in our investee companies: We couldn’t be more thankful. We know how challenging this year has been. We know how hard you work. We appreciate every single minute we get to spend with each and every one of you. We are so thankful to be sharing the journey with you.

To the employees of our investee companies: We see and appreciate all the hard work you are putting in to build fantastic products and relationships, contributing to a better future.

In 2024 we vow to continue to meet you with positive energy and with passion. We vow to continue building our force for good.

Let’s step up and create a better world — together.

With love and warmth,

Your A&D Team


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