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  • Hjalmar Didrikson

Holiday Message 2018

Dear friends of Alfvén & Didrikson

We have had an incredible run this year. Together with our investee companies, we have grown at a pace that would have seemed impossible at the start of the year.

The number of people employed by our investee companies now amounts to some 800 people. And it’s an international crowd. The A&D family now boasts offices across the globe. Apart from our core home in Scandinavia, the A&D companies are now present in London, Cologne, Hamburg, Barcelona, Valletta, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai and Sydney. And there’s ample room to grow even further!

The development this last year makes us feel grateful and humble. We wish to thank all the people in the A&D family companies for their fantastic contribution. It is amazing what can be achieved in a world where everybody rows in the same direction. And even though we are not in direct contact with all of you: Trust us, we see what you are doing.

At the A&D home base, our little investment team stayed just that: little. All the six of us still share the same office... Over the year we have focused on growing together as one team. We dug deep into our minds and souls in order to develop ourselves and find inner meaning in all that we do. And we once again arrived at the core three pillars of A&D:

1. Having fun :-) -- we strive always to create a playful atmosphere: In this atmosphere, people can feel secure and be themselves. It is easier to hold each other accountable. We can make mistakes and learn from them. We can evolve together.

2. Finding purpose -- we strive always to seek meaning in what we do and make the world a better place. We are immensely proud of the deeds of our investee companies. You change the world! We are happy to be part of your journey and we vow not to get in your way in your daily activities. We also promise to not let you get in your own way :-)

3. Creating long term profit -- we seek economically viable business models. We never invest in a company merely to sell the shares onto somebody else. When we invest, that is when we really start our due diligence. 3-5 years later we can determine together whether the marriage is for life. And, when we make an investment, it is always our ambition it will be.

If we have fun together. If we create meaning with what we do. And if our activity is profitable. Then we hope you will want to work with us. It is no more complicated than that. Over time, we envisage creating a force for good, based on these three pillars. And, as we have said before: We are not in a great hurry. Hopefully, our actions and results will speak for themselves.

When we now move into 2019, we remain optimists in our hearts and at the same time have a vigilant mind. Longer term, there are some great social and environmental challenges that need to be addressed and where businesses like ours can strive to make a positive impact. Shorter term, we need to be prepared for a tougher economic environment. December has been a disaster on the US stock exchanges and that is usually a leading indicator for the world.

Let us be humble.

With love and best wishes, Your Alfvén & Didrikson Team


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