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Holiday message 2022

Dear friends of Alfvén & Didrikson,

2022 was a tough year. Of course, by comparison to the people affected by war and other crises we have fared well, but the economic downturn forced us to make very tough decisions in many of our investee companies. Those decisions are difficult to take and even more difficult to implement, but we have no choice if we are to survive the current economic winter and come out strong when economic spring arrives.

During the year we made only a few investments and the ones we did are aimed at the long term future. We continued to support VEQ, an investor in early stage companies. We co-founded Curus, supporting innovative models within the health technology space. And finally, we co-founded Ampli Ventures, which will invest in scalable software ventures.

We also worked hard to future proof our own operation, adding a few very select talents to propel our organisation: We welcome Michaela Sandberg, who steps up as investment associate together with our former investment analyst Ieva Bruzaite. Next year we will also welcome our new COO and our new CFO, two very strong women (to be announced in 2023). During 2022 we have taken the opportunity to strengthen our work on sustainability, a work that has been pioneered by our CEO Maria Åhr. Finally, as every year, we have chosen to support a number of organisations that are dear to us.

We have no illusion 2023 will be an easy year. We will work relentlessly to secure our joint future, to support our investee companies and to find the stars of tomorrow.

We thank you for all your efforts and hard work. We wish all of you some breathing space and relaxation. We wish all of you a good 2023. And. We know. Tough times don’t last. But tough people, and strong relationships, do.

With love,

Your A&D Team

Team A&D, 2022


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