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New investment in Phoniro Systems

We have agreed to invest in Phoniro Systems AB, a Swedish leader in keyless lock management systems.

Phoniro has established a leading position within keyless lock management systems for elderly care. The capital invested will be used to support Phoniro’s core business and continued expansion.

“This gives us the financial muscle to introduce our technology for keyless lock management on the growing European market. We also see significant opportunities to broaden the company’s offering and develop additional solutions for customers within and outside elderly care” says Phoniro’s CEO Johan Sedelius Hörberg.

We see great potential in Phoniro. The company has, with its rapid expansion during the past few years, proven that it has developed a system that works and that fulfils a great need in today’s society. Phoniro has a very capable management team and as one of the largest owners we look forward to contributing actively to its future.

About Phoniro Systems: Phoniro is a Swedish company that develops and manufactures systems for keyless lock management. For several years, the company has been a significant provider of keyless lock systems to Swedish elderly care. Approximately 120 municipalities with over 15,000 practitioners and 30,000  users utilise Phoniro’s systems today. Phoniro also offers keyless lock management systems and related services for businesses.

About Alfvén & Didrikson

Alfvén & Didrikson Invest AB (ADI) was founded in 2010 and is owned by Måns Alfvén and Hjalmar Didrikson. ADI invests in small and mid-sized privately owned European companies with exciting growth potential. The investment in Phoniro is made through a subsidiary, BEMH Financial AB, jointly owned with Nexttobe AB (nxt2b) in Uppsala. Nxt2b was founded in 2011 by the entrepreneur Bengt Ågerup.


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