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Offerta joins Fortnox

Today Fortnox completed its acquisition of our investee company Offerta Group AB

We have followed Fortnox over the years and are impressed by their strategy and growth. When Fortnox approached Offerta and we started looking at the potential synergies we all realised that the combined companies would be able to offer unique and superior service to its customers.

We bought the majority of Offerta four years ago and were particularly excited about Offerta’s management team, leading market position and the huge growth potential in the market itself. During our investment period Offerta has almost doubled in revenue, more than doubled its profitability and become the clear number one marketplace for home-related services in Sweden.

Today an estimated 4 billion SEK in total order value per annum flows through Offerta’s platform and yet the online share of Rot/Rut services is still very low compared to other e-commerce and digital marketplaces. The potential for Offerta going forward is still huge.

During our first three years we had the privilege to support the company under Jens Nilsson’s leadership. Jens was the founder and CEO for 12 years and he shaped a strong company culture characterised by solidarity, fighting spirit and joy.

During the last year we have had the privilege of working with Anna Bergius who joined as new CEO in May 2020. Anna’s top priority has been to ramp up growth and add new products and revenue streams. Anna and the management team has been instrumental in our work together with Fortnox and we are sure they will contribute critical marketplace and commercial knowledge to the Fortnox team going forward.

We would like to thank all employees of Offerta for your hard work. We also want to thank Oscar Barkman and Mattias Wedar for their important contributions to the Board of Directors. Finally, we also want to thank HDR (Carl-Sebastian, Alexandra and Johan) for assisting us with financial advisory in our sale of Offerta and Tuula Tallavaara for her legal advice through our whole investment period and transactions.

We are convinced that Fortnox will give Offerta a strong platform for its continued growth journey. We are proud of what we have achieved together with Offerta and wish the team all the best in the future.

For more information, see Fortnox press release here.

/Your A&D team


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